We are carrying out several initiatives to protect the environment
What is this project about?
The restaurant holding carries out several targeted initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and wildlife. Since 2015, all restaurants of the chain have been implementing the technology of mindful consumption, which allows to significantly reduce the impact on the environment. In particular, all restaurants stopped using heat stoves, which consume a lot of energy and give off a lot of heat, in favor of energy-saving induction cookers. The company is using plastic straws 90% less, production is guided by ZERO WASTE principle, water and electricity consumption is under monitoring. Cooperation with the 'Doggy Bag' service allows us to reduce disposal of food products. In 2018 Osteria Mario restaurant chain was included in the Sysoev FM Green guide and joined other green restaurants in Moscow. There are plans to conclude an agreement with the EcoLine company for disposal of glass bottles, light bulbs and TetraPaks.
Economic consumption and eco-friendly replacements
Control over energy and water consumption
Induction cookers
Day of the Earth
Local water and food products
Green menu and printing on recycled paper
Electronic reporting
Craft paper and napkins
Craft takeaway food packaging
Craft packaging for pizza
Straight coffee paste instead of mixers
Draft water, not bottled
Waste reduction and recycling
Frying fat processing
Recycling glass, light bulbs and packaging materials
Waste coffee recovery
Reducing possible waste (Doggy Bag club)
Returnable plastic containers
No plastic straws and wooden chopsticks
No tea bags
No wet wipes
Philosophy and education
Only 'live' plants
Eco materials, especially in children's rooms, no plastic toys
Fabric bags with an eco-friendly message
Eco-education of employees, guests and partners