About us
Welcome to TIGRUS restaurant holding (established in 2005), where we believe that everyone has a responsibility not only to their work, but also to the planet we live on. We are committed to providing our guests with uncompromising quality, professional service, and affordable prices, while also focusing on children with our comprehensive edutainment program.

With over 50 restaurants across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, we are constantly growing and planning to expand our chain to 100 restaurants in the near future. Our commitment to delivering superior quality is unwavering, and we strive to conserve and restore the resources of our planet while staying true to our values.
We are proud to be the first and only restaurant holding in Eastern Europe that fully compensates for its carbon footprint. We believe in conscious consumption and zero waste initiatives, and we are engaged in the restoration of forest areas. Since the beginning of our Tigrus Project, the population of the Amur tiger in the conservation area has doubled, and we always support the unique representatives of local fauna in the regions where we operate. In the UAE, our project will focus on the Arabian Leopard population.
At TIGRUS, we believe that real changes are achieved through small but steady steps. We named ourselves Tigrus to firmly link our business with a commitment to preserving the environment. We keep our promise and scale it to global projects. We believe that daily care for nature solves a huge number of problems related to the global climate and human health, and we will continue our activity for the sake of a healthy future for our planet.
Co-founder of Tigrus restaurant holding, Henrik Winter, said it best: “It is a dangerous illusion to think that nothing depends on us."
The Italian restaurant Osteria Mario offers a family, friendly atmosphere of sunny Italy
In the Georgian bistro restaurant 'Shvili' you can taste not only traditional Georgian dishes, but also enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness